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Our company


Agroserna SL is a company located in the province of Alicante. It is made up of highly qualified personnel who make this a competent and professional company.

Since its birth as a company in August 1992, we have set ourselves high but achievable goals, always concerned about:

- Research into new highly specialized formulations in the line of plant nutrition and physiology.

- The development and fine-tuning of the different formulations in numerous crops, both national and from other countries, contributing to the world of agriculture and agronomy, new concepts which were goals set since our inception.

- The marketing and sale of formulations, produced in such a way that we provide rational, balanced and profitable solutions for producers and consumers.

- Direct technical-scientific collaboration with numerous research centers and universities, both national and international.

From our origins, our company has set itself apart, not only thanks to its serious and responsible way of working, but we also incorporate research into raw materials, formulations and the agronomic effect of the products at a level worthy of large multinationals.
As a result of our tenacity and perseverance, we believe we have achieved the current results in terms of number of active ingredients, formulations and agronomic effect.
In addition to this, our accumulated experience allows us to offer our clients:
- Seriousness at work
- Perseverance and capacity for evolution
- Contribution of cutting-edge technologies in plant physiology


The consumption of fertilizers and phytosanitary products is increasingly widespread and we are in a constantly growing sector. As a producer and distributor in this sector, we are committed to formulating our products so that they have the minimum environmental impact and allow the farmer to have efficient tools in their crops.
Agroserna has a wide variety of certified products for use in organic farming, one of our objectives being the future expansion of the number of products of this type in our catalog.



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