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DIATOMICRON TM is diatomaceous earth with “Triple micronization”, which is nothing more than a mineral of vegetable origin, totally innocuous because it belongs to the group of amorphous silicas, formed by the accumulation of algae on the seabed, fossilized by the passage of millions of years. Thanks to the diversity of shapes of diatoms, together with its low density and the intricate structure of water, it has unique physical properties.

DIATOMICRON TM are diatomaceous earth extracted and ground in its first phase. They are finely ground and micronized to finish being centrifuged, which turns it into a fine soluble talc.

DIATOMICRON TM can be handled safely practically without the use of special gloves for agriculture and livestock. Its mode of action is by mechanical and physical process.

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DIATOMICRON TM can be used in animals since the action of diatoms on them does not create resistance when applied by spraying on animals at the appropriate and recommended doses.

DIATOMICRON TM These are fossilized microscopic algae that appear as deep white sedimentary siliceous rocks.

When the algae die, all the organic content is destroyed, except for its silica skeleton that is deposited at the bottom of the water and with the passage of time forms large deposits of fossilized algae known as Diatomaceous earth, therefore inert and non-toxic material , therefore it is an inert non-toxic material composed of dead algae of which only its fossil-shaped silica skeleton remains that easily adhere to the body of cold-blooded insects (adults and larvae) drying out the animal when it is in contact with DIATOMICRON TM causing its death by dehydration. The insects do not develop resistance as it happens with the continued use of chemical pesticides, and it is totally ecological.



It can be diluted in water between 3 and 4% and spray, covering the entire area well.
It can be mixed with other SUPPLIES.



- When applied in a foliar way, it protects the plant from the sun, by reflecting the spectrum of infrared and ultraviolet rays.

- Diatomaceous earth is an effective and safe fertilizer since it is neither toxic nor phytotoxic.

- Indicated in the recovery of nutrients lost by years of crops and the use of chemical products.
- It can be used without problems in plants that present fruits close to maturity because it leaves no visible residues at the time of harvest.




Available in packaging:

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